Advocate Sushil Kumar Sharma

Associate Advocate

Graduate in Law with over 17 years’ experience in rendering legal services to private and corporate clients, has acquired expertise in instituting/ prosecuting and defending Cases, Petitions, Suits, Complaints, Claims, etc. before Courts, Arbitral Tribunals, Conciliators, Mediators, Tribunals, Forums & Commissions, etc. in Delhi and outside Delhi; has been providing sustained corporate consultancy services by rendering Legal opinions, getting legal compliances- statutory & mandatory, done & by drafting all sorts of documents, namely, agreements, settlements, contracts, etc; is well versed with the provisions of Writ Laws, Civil Laws, Criminal Laws; is deft at drafting Pleadings, Suits, Writs, Petitions, Applications, Complaints, Written Statements, Replies, Rejoinders, Legal Notices, etc.; is quick & efficient in all departments of legal services which include attending, monitoring, tracking, reporting, preparing & reviewing of local & out of station court cases; and is also an effective communicator, orator and draftsman with exceptional relationship & managerial skills to maintain cordial and harmonious business relations with legal Counsel, related Govt. departments, Officials & Agencies.